Welcome to Terra Mecha

 Terra Mecha is not just an artistic endeavor; it's a boundless journey through a universe of creativity. From the intricate strokes of oil paintings to the electrifying world of AI-generated art, and from captivating comic narratives to the timeless artistry of tattooing.

Together, let's embark on an creative journey from the digital frontier of Web 3 to the far reaches of the world.

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Eric Sabatier

Eric embarked on his art journey as a child and has been a full time artist for most of his life. Focusing on Painting, Tattooing, and digital art, he has now turns his focus to web 3, Terra Mecha is his lifes project with far reaching plans of creating a vibrant world around the brand. Being in web 3 since 2020, he has a great love for the ecosystem and all the connections he has made there.

Collections & Art

Currently our  home is in the Cardano ecosystem, we want to create a good base for the brand before expanding looking to other ecosystems.

We have a total of four collections currently created on Cardano

Terra Mecha Bio Pass- Given out for free to our early supporters in our marketing campaign which hold their own utility which will be honored for the life of the project.

Bio Mech Angel's- Is our first Minted collection of 484 Beautifully Ai generated hero's of our story. With our lead character Yuki heading the charge of the Yogo-Sha.

Hordes of Orobas-  This was a free collection airdropped to our holders of BioMech Angel's. These are 484 demonic beings infected with the plague of Orobas.

Finally we have our concept art collection which are free Nfts given out to Pass Holders. The art  here ranges from Comic Concept art done by a variety of illustrators,  to 1 of 1 art pieces created for out community.

Ticker- $void

There are 5000000 $void tokens created to power our ecosystem. currently a loyalty token that is given out to stakers of our nfts.  These can only be use for our raffles and some services that we will offer.

Staking & Raffles

Currently there is only staking offered on our biomech Angel's. All staking and raffles are held on the Mutant Labs platform .


Art here is from various collections ranging from Ai, painting, tattooing and digital art.

Bio Mech Angel's Collection 
AI by Eric Sabatier

Comic Concept Art
By Devin Kraft

Hordes of Orobas Collection
AI by Eric Sabatier

The Prelude
Oil on Canvas
By Eric Sabatier

BioMech Angel
Test Art
By Eric Sabatier
& Artist V

Angel #245
Oil on Canvas
By Eric Sabatier

Comic Concept Art
By Coferosa

Angel Tattoo
By Eric Sabatier

BioMech Angel Test Art
By Eric Sabatier & Artist V

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